FAQs – Agencies/Vendors

Recruiting Agencies, Staffing Service Firms and Vendors

I represent a search firm and would like to submit a candidate for consideration. What are the next steps?

Exide Technologies tends to work with recruiters and staffing service firms that have specialized areas of focus. Exide only accepts resumes from search firms that have executed services agreements with Exide Technologies and were requested to partner on a specific search. Exide Technologies will have no obligation or liability to search firms for unsolicited referrals, even if Exide Technologies hires the individual who was the subject of the referral.

How can I get my search firm added to the list of potential suppliers?

Please be patient. We value those who partner with us effectively and return to those search firms first when a need for additional support is identified. Work with us, not around us. All communication with Exide Technologies should be directed only to human resources or talent acquisition personnel. Direct contact with hiring managers and other department personnel typically results in miscommunication and delays in the process.

How does Exide assign my firm to a job opening?

Not every job opening requires search firm support. After your firm executes an Exide Technologies services agreement – and if the job opening is in your area of expertise – human resources or talent acquisition personnel will provide a position request as needed. Position requests are sent to firms focused on recruiting candidates specific to the designated opening.

I represent a background check company, assessment provider, and/or have other services to enable improvements in the talent acquisition process. How can I be considered?

Send an email to talent.acquisition@exide.com and it will be routed to the appropriate person for a response.